At the beginning of 2019, ACE Corp submitted a metric enhancement request to get a deeper dive on the performance trends of their Sales organization.  Here are the previous results for quarter 1, quarter 2 and quarter 3 of 2019.

Looking now to quarter 4 of the year and to see our full picture of the year's data, we can see that the final quarter has seen considerable improvement of manager ratings and a marked increase in rating alignment between manager and employee.  Rating alignment is highly correlated with employee engagement and employee perception of rating accuracy/fairness, so this is an encouraging statistic.

ACE Corp informed Quix of the Sales divisional retreat on August 18th and using that as a key date, we can see that both manager and employee ratings have increased considerably since that point.


Building on the thread of employee and manager rating alignment, let's look more closely at a key metric, the relationship between rating frequency and alignment as the employee.

Looking at the below graph, we can see several different categorizations of people.  On either side of the alignment spectrum, we see employees such Lamar Loth and Wendi Willeford.  These employees likely illustrate a case where they would benefit from activity XYZ.

Employees like Kaycee Krawczyk and Mao Mauer are interesting cases in that they are engaged in their rating process, but are still considerably misaligned.  These are indicators of plain old manager misalignment and ara good place for HR to focus on understanding the performance culture of specific teams to see if there's a problem manager.

Finally we see cases like Benita Baylis, an ideal case of an individual engaged in their self-ratings and aligned with their manager almost exactly in line with "normal".


Finally, in 2019 we observed a specific downtrend in the Sales Director manager ratings.  If we look at the 2019 over 2018 data, we that there was a large increase in Rhonda Rhoda's team performance and Dexter Cofield's team performed highly, but otherwise there was a near complete reduction in team performance.