Building on the data in the first two quarters of 2019, ACE Corp continued a number of performance trends at a division level, with support and finance leading the way for overall scores and both sales and marketing at the bottom end of the spectrum.


From a frequency perspective, engagement is high amongst employees at .21 ratings per day, but managers only rated at a frequency of .07 ratings per day, well below all Quix companies.


One other thing we can see is how ACE Corp compares to other similarly titled divisions of other Quix organizations.  It's there we see some real departure in the performance of Ace Corp versus other organizations.

For example in the marketing area, ACE Corp has an average manager rating of 5.43, while marketing divisions of all Quix companies is 7.82.  That is a full 44% increase from one to the other indicating something considerably different happening with the the ACE Corp marketing division.

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