Why Give Continuous Feedback?

Where in life do we get annual feedback on an on-going relationship? If things are not going well in your marriage, do you wait until your wedding anniversary to hash out your feedback? If your kids are not doing well in school, do you wait until the end of the semester to address it?

Obviously not! But then why do so many companies complete an annual performance review? Work happens all the time - the feedback on our performance of that work shouldn't wait for an arbitrary calendar date.

Countless research has shown continuous feedback is the way of the future for businesses to ensure their employees are getting the timely feedback they need. Some companies have even gone as far as to remove the rating completely, and just move to a multi-point feedback process. The challenge with this approach is that there is no way for the company to measure its success, or understand the performance of its employees. Yes, employee engagement can be tested, but that still doesn’t tell you which of your employees are your most high performing employees.

More feedback is great. The oldest Millennials are nearly 40 years old now so they are heavily represented in the workforce. They have been very open about a desire for continuous feedback in their employment relationships. They want to know what they are doing well, and how they can get to the next step. Millennials are also used to rating experiences. The restaurant where they night, the Uber driver that took them home, the Airbnb they rented for spring break. Rating - and being rated - is a very familiar concept.

Millenials are not the only ones who want to know how they are performing, they are just more vocal about it! All employees need and want to know how things are going. The Quix mobile app provides an easy to use rating process that allows managers to rate their employees, and employees to rate themselves, whenever they feel necessary. Exchanging simple and quick feedback comments will facilitate conversation in the moment. If something didn’t go well today, lets not wait until the next performance review to discuss it. Let’s not even wait until the next scheduled 1:1. Send the feedback now, allow the employee to provide their own perspective and rating and then follow up with live conversation when there are disconnects or to solidify agreements.

This approach will allow more real-time adjustments to how employees are doing their work and provide the company with very valuable insights into the performance of one of their largest and most critical assets, its employees.

Quix has taken the concept of continuous feedback and married it with quick ratings. The advantage to the employees is easy, fast, quantitative and qualitative feedback from an easy to use mobile app. The advantage to the company is access to metrics they have never been able to quantify before.

Find out more about how you can turn performance management into an asset and use Quix for six months at no charge at www.quixpm.com