What If Best Practice Still Misses The Target?

Conventional wisdom has determined that the annual performance management cycle is not a great use of a company’s resources. There are many valid reasons for this, not the least of which is the difficulty trusting a single data point to summarize a year of performance. In place of the annual review we now have the continuous performance model. This model encourages regular employee and manager check-in conversations where feedback is given, and in some cases eliminates the annual performance rating altogether.

This is generally seen as an improvement to a frustrating process. It has even been suggested that many managerial hours are reclaimed by eliminating the annual performance workflow process.

It is certainly true that more frequent feedback is a good thing. The truth though of a process that eliminates the performance rating is that it doesn’t meet the companies fundamental need to know how well its employees are performing. Success still needs to be measured. Merit increases still have to be given. 9-boxes still need completing. These processes need a performance input or else companies will likely lose staff they don't want to be losing. But by eliminating ratings, this input went from bad to nonexistent. Managers and employees need a framework, if nothing else, to try and eliminate bias in their decisions making.

Eliminating the performance rating is the HR equivalent of throwing the baby out with the bathwater.

So what does Quix do differently? Quix looks at the same business problem but instead of rating once a year or not at all, we encourage frequent dialog and ratings. Instead of filling out a lengthy form, Quix is entirely managed on a mobile application and consists of only a single rating and comment box. The employee can rate themselves and the manger rates the employee as frequently as they prefer.

When the time to execute supporting processes comes along, customers can take the data gathered from Quix for any timeframe and use that average as their input. If a company wants to use the average manager rating to drive the merit process, that data is now available without any recency bias. If a company wants to provide stock options to the top 10% performing employees in the company, that data is now accurately available. Quix creates a performance management environment that has BOTH a frequent check-in continuous performance environment as well as a measurable outcome that accurately represents an employee’s performance over any chosen period of time.

This is what Quix can provide. Quix is a mobile application that allows employees and managers to quickly rate themselves and their direct reports up to twice per day. This allows companies to build a more nuanced, complete picture of employee performance over time, identifying high-performers, problem employees, potential management issues and even biases that would otherwise go unnoticed and unaddressed. Contact Quix to learn more.