Remove The Administrative Burden From Performance Management

Work smarter, not harder.

Everyone wants to find ways to do their work more effectively. It’s a part of who we are. Performance Management though, has never been known for its efficiency. Quix, however, creates a structure of Performance Management that removes the administrative burden from HR, while simultaneously improving the quality of engagement for employees and managers.

The idea of creating annual review templates, goal plan templates, workflow key dates, annual training and change management takes a ton of time away from an HR person’s day. Additionally, when managers only rate once or twice per year, the fruits of that labor can be less than desirable because HR can’t use that single data point to tell stories about the Performance Management culture of the company.

Quix eliminates all of that annual setup by no longer treating the Performance Management process as having stops or starts. From an employee’s first day to their last, they have work to do, and the Performance Management system should be able to accommodate without artificial beginnings or endings. Quix’s mobile-based application for employees and managers eliminates the need for workflow or any regular configuration. Instead of focusing on the one time per year that ratings are available, Quix lets HR use any slice of time that’s relevant to their interest for performance data. If you do quarterly bonuses, now you can use performance data as a contributing data point. If you want to review monthly trends in company performance data, now you can pull data by month.

Employees and managers also have their administrative burden greatly reduced. Rating using Quix is incredibly simple, just like ordering a ride or using any other app on our phones. Quix puts no requirement on employees and managers other than to offer ratings and comments whenever they’re willing, up to twice per day. The lack of any other requirements means HR doesn’t have to teach users how to fill out forms every year or hold manager webinars on key performance dates.

In return for this reduction in burden, employees and managers will more regularly provide feedback about themselves and their reports. This increase in feedback and ratings directly translates into more usable data that HR will be able to turn into actionable metrics for how to improve their organizations.

As an example, instead of holding a training session for every manager in the company where you offer guidance on how to complete this year’s Performance Management template, you can instead use the results from Quix to focus your manager trainings. Consider focusing on just the bottom 20% of your managers, measured by their ratings. Or you could focus on just those managers who are beyond one standard deviation apart from how their staff is self-rating. The key here is that HR can now spend its time focusing on targeted areas of improvement based on quantifiable performance results that can be pulled from the data provided by Quix and improve the their ability to be strategic.

Work smarter, not harder. That’s what Quix can provide.

Quix is a mobile-first application that allows employees and managers to quickly rate themselves and their direct reports up to twice per day. This allows companies to build a more nuanced, complete picture of employee performance over time, identifying high-performers, problem employees, potential management issues and even biases that would otherwise go unnoticed and unaddressed. Contact Quix to learn more.