High Quality Feedback Facilitates High Quality Performance

The quality of the comments that back up the ratings can be a key to unlock the nature of that managers willingness to give good feedback. Within each rating in Quix, the employee and manager are asked to provide a brief comment to give context to the rating in that moment. Quix offers employees and managers to search historically for ratings by comments, but HR also has the ability to analyze comments in aggregate to evaluate the quality of communication happening within ratings.

In the below chart we can see an example of how a group of comments from one manager varies drastically from the group of comments from another manager. One is very generic, and one much more specific. Obviously the more specific and direct a manager is in their feedback, the more likely that feedback is to be effective. So manager A is likely providing a level of feedback that’s more useful to their staff than manager B.

In addition to seeing how manager A is delivering value to their staff, we can focus some of our manager improvement development efforts on manager B to provide them training and content to help them see how good feedback can help improve employee performance.

The comments in Quix are not intended to serve as a complete substitute for quality person-to-person communication between employee and manager, but in a world where remote working relationships are ever more common, the quality of the comments in the tool can be an indicator of how well employees and managers are communicating.

Quix is a mobile-first application that allows employees and managers to quickly rate themselves and their direct reports up to twice per day. This allows companies to build a more nuanced, complete picture of employee performance over time, identifying high-performers, problem employees, potential management issues and even biases that would otherwise go unnoticed and unaddressed.

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