ACE Corp saw a 3rd quarter where employee performance ratings were 4% above the previous 2 quarters, and even with the ratings of the previous year.  This increase can be primarily attributed to:

Divisions: Sales up 12%, Finance up 18%

Job Codes: Sales Director up 20%, Sales Analyst IV up 25%

Career Bands: C1 up 8%, M4 up 15%

Also notable for ACE Corp, however, is that employee self-ratings for the current YTD are 8% greater than self-ratings for all Quix companies, while manager ratings are 22% lower.  This difference of 3.68 puts ACE Corp in the bottom 10 percentile for manager and employee rating alignment.


Employee and manager misalignment can usually be correlated to rating frequency, or a lack thereof.  ACE Corp is no exception to this rule, where employees are self-rating at a rate of .10 ratings per day (roughly once every ten days).  Managers are rating their staff at a considerably lower rate, .04 ratings per day.  Quix companies see an average employee rating frequency of .11 ratings per day and manager rating frequency of .08 ratings per day.  Looking at the below chart we can see how rating frequency correlates to rating alignment, when looking across all Quix companies.


This indicates that ACE Corp’s performance ratings could be artificially depressed simply due to a lack of manager engagement and if manager frequency were on par with most Quix companies, employee ratings may see an increase as the rating alignment gap would close.

Artificially low scores are an important issue to correct as employees who see their ratings at the organization as inaccurate are at a greater risk of seeking opportunities elsewhere.

Some activities Quix recommends to increase rating engagement are:

1) ABC

2) XYZ

3) DEF